Last Friday my Lego Obsession was able to move to a new level. After a week of hoping their buyer would back out, my wish was granted and I had the wonderful opportunity to buy a large tote of used Lego for just $50. This wasn’t just random bricks either. From what they said and from what I can so far see, they are mostly complete sets. All have vehicles, something Dear Son will absolutely love, and most are either Fire Truck or Police Car related. Can you say: a little boy’s dream?

The majority of my great bounty matches these booklets.


After two evenings of sorting out the larger chunks of pieces I was left mostly with loose bricks at the bottom of the bin. It took me 3 1/2 hours to sort them last night.
My poor back. I need a better way of doing this. I enjoy sorting, but not the accompanying back pain. I have mild S-shaped scoliosis and so lots of bending and I don’t get along.


I need about 50 more containers


There is still so much more to do. It feels like I’m basically working on thirty or so puzzles at the same time. All the pieces are mixed together and dome of them don’t have boxes to go off of. A few pieces are broken and others are certain to be missing.

Am I up for the challenge? You know it.


I just have to keep DS out of my closet where they are hidden and continue to spell out the word whenever I need to mention them.


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