Things I Worry About

I worry about a lot of dumb things.

There are the usual fears: Dying without finishing a book. That my husband resents me for my obnoxious mental health issues. Wasps.


But then there are the ridiculous things.

I worry about what other drivers will think if they see me turn on my headlights when I’m already driving. I try to time turning it on to when no oncoming traffic can be seen and no one is directly in front of me.

I worry about taking too long to pick out a new brand of spaghetti sauce. Does that person nearby on the aisle want to pick something out too? Am I in their way? Do I look ridiculous? Maybe I should come back later and decide then…

I worry if my husband takes five minutes longer than usual to get home that means he’s in a car wreck.

If that friend of mine in high school still remembers that stupid and mean thing I said out of curiosity in like… 9th grade.

What my online friend will think of me if I suddenly start talking to him again after practically months of silence.

Why I’m still browsing the Facebook marketplace for Lego sets.


You know, dumb things.




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